Getting Older

I have always known that you were sophisticated :).

Last week I realize how much I have matured even since four months ago. Last week I had three papers all due on the same days and a fourth paper to be working on. In the past this would have caused several tearful anxiety ridden breakdowns and this time this was not the case. I will admit that I had some small things make anxiety rear its head but it would last less than a minute. Also, all three papers (especially the two for English) came out really well. This semester has proved quite wonderful and I have grown a lot, both in my work and in my life. I look forward to seeing you soon!


A Sophisticated Girl Drinks Her Coffee Black

At school I drink on average two cups of coffee each day.  My first cup of coffee is always in the morning.  I turn the coffee pot on after I get back from the gym, hop in the shower, and then pour a lovely hot cup of coffee for myself while I study. I don’t take sugar or milk in my coffee because I love the bold and bitter flavor of it by itself.  This semester I was invited to one of my Professor’s houses for dinner and when I asked for my coffee black he said “I knew you were sophisticated.”  That comment pleased me, especially coming from someone I deeply respect and admire.  During that same dinner our professor told us a story about his time graduating an all boy’s university.  He said that when he walked into the dean’s office before graduating the dean told him, “Well sir, you have done a great job of sampling all the grades we have to offer here.”  Just goes to say that we can succeed despite the grades we get during undergrad.  Remember that, grades are never everything.

Now that I’m back at home where I have the liberty to sleep in every day it’s wonderful to wake up with the coffee already made.  On that note, I got my coffee fix at Bosca today, but seeing you was definitely the best part.  I’m glad that your classes have been going well, I can’t wait to hear about the end of the year in less than three weeks.  We absolutely need to go to Catalina’s next, I know  you would love the coffee and though the cafe is small, the atmosphere is super cute.

As far as Christmas Break goes, I get about three weeks off for Christmas, and will be SO ready to curl up to talk with you in sweaters with a steamy mug full of coffee.



Oh there it is

It has been longer than I thought since I looked at our blog! it was fantastic to see you. I wish that you were here longer, one coffee date is not enough! The new curly gel that I’m using is DevaCurls’ Ultra Defining Gel. It normally makes my hair even curlier than it was today but I also usually use more. I’m still trying to find the perfect amount. How long of a break do you get at Christmas? I look forward to seeing you again!

Paving The Way For Female Education

Mount Holyoke was founded in 1837 by Mary Lyon.  We studied her briefly in one of my classes this semester and learned she raised almost all the funding for the school herself.  Pretty amazing lady if you ask me, and just the beginning of what would be and is, a long line of incredible women speaking for equal rights.  You would love this class I’m taking, it’s called “Women Rhetoric and Social Change.”  Over Thanksgiving I’ll be working on an 8-10 page paper, analyzing a speech of Carrie Chapman Catt’s.  So excited. 😛

Oh the infamous standardized test.  I think the thing to always remember is that you can accomplish ANYTHING you want to do.  Most of the world believes in the quantitative power of a number and this is why standardized tests are so popular and loved by universities and…wait for it, yes, job hunters.  So my advice is to play the game, because it will give you more opportunities to choose from a little later in life.  I took a class the summer before the SAT which helped me understand the way it worked.  It’s a test, not a monster, and there is definitely a way to get inside its mind and understand how it works.  LOTS of practice tests, and don’t despair, keep on working hard.

When you visit colleges enjoy simply enjoy yourself. It’s hard to remember what I was thinking as I walked through the campuses because everything was so overwhelming, but one of the biggest things that sold me was the people.  The kids at Blair here were friendly, happy, and encouraging.  It might be different for you, maybe it’s the weather, the flora or fauna, but regardless, whatever place you go will be the right place.

Good questions to ask are: What do students here do in their free time or on the weekends?  What kind of student organizations do you have here?

You’re homeschooled?  So what, yes people will ask, but unless they have boundless questions, which I’m always happy to answer,I feel as though saying you’re homeschooled should be equated with any private school (only….*leans in* they’re better :P)

I cannot wait to hear more about your school tours!

Love you,


P.S. Can you believe I’m going to be home in just a little over a week?????

Those are more to my liking.

Next week my parents and I are going to Massachusetts to visit some of the colleges that I am interested in. We are visiting Mount Holyoke (where I am spending the night), Hampshire, Clark, and Bard (which is in New York). I am really excited about it.

On Wednesday I took the PSAT. I think that the reading sections went alright but I’m pretty sure that I failed the math. I will be able to get extended time on the SAT so that I can have a fairer grade. I was wondering if you have any tips about tacking the SAT or about visiting colleges? Do you have questions that you asked? What kind of attittudes did you get when telling people that you were homeschooled?

I really miss you!

Hip-hop culture

First of all, may I just say that it is fantastic you’re thinking in such depth about the impact media has on our society in perpetuating rape culture, sexism, and woman’s objectification.  Since your passion is quite similar to mine, I would challenge you to search for other perpetrators.  The music industry for example places demands on artists to create material that fits the hip-hop mold.  You could go further and analyze why hip-hop began.  It was a form for rebellion, a way to fight the authorities, to argue freedom and equality.  There’s a reason that rappers don’t often shout and scream about flower power.  Furthermore, think about the people who consume hop-hop, they are both women and men. We listen to music because it’s a way to form a collective identity with those around us, to form our own likes and dislikes, to explore.  Take a day and listen to public radio and pay attention to the lyrics of what’s being played and you might be even more upset about the subconscious narratives we’re fed day after day.  It’s absolutely true that we like catchy beats and melodies, you have to decide for yourself where you’re going to draw the line.

More to come about college.  In the meantime, I’m gonna post a couple of rap songs you might like a little more.

Tell me what you think.

So, for English class Paul sent Susie some rap songs that he wanted to analyze like the poetry that we have been doing. I got through three of the four of them before I had a total melt down over the horrible lives that some people lead and how privileged white men and boys listen to this music and emulate the style of dress and being, without ever doing anything to change the lives of the people who they hear being sung about. But the only thing that I could address before class was the mysoganie, which, admittedly was not as bad as it is in other songs so I sent out this song:

After watching this, Paul sent me an email asking what had bothered me. and I am very proud of my response so I wanted to share it with you. here it is.

Art of Peer Pressure:
We on the mission for bad bitches and trouble…
1) That women are something that you can go out on a mission for. That they are something to be hunted.
2) The use of the word bitch. Personally, I don’t like this word to be used ever. I think it is a terribly derogatory and crude word . Though I don’t like any woman being called a bitch, I am more okay when it is used to describe a woman who is mean and rude, but I really do not like when that loaded a word is used as an overall title for women.
You know the light skin girls in all the little dresses, good lord… Bougie bitches with no extentions hood nigga’s with bad intentions, the perfect combination…
Girls being described only by there skin and short, tight dresses. I don’t know if extentions mean hair extensions but if they do than again women only being seen as bodies. And then there is the assumption that these females will want to have sex with them ( I am guessing they are referring to sex and not a loving, respectful relationship as “the perfect combination”) simply because they are “bad boys”.
Life’s a Bitch: (I am fine with this use of” bitch” as it is not talking about a woman)
got my first piece of ass…
Piece. Of. Ass. No. Simply describing a woman using a piece of her body especially a part of the body that is seen as sexual. it dehumanizes women and makes it seem like it is okay for a man to see woman as sexual objects. Not okay.
I’m dying of thirst:
Money, pussy, and greed; …
Again, using a sexual body part to describe women. And that the word that is being used is “pussy” is in my mind worse than “ass” because it is a cruder term than ass and all genders have posteriors.(Also, don’t even get me started on “pussy” being used as a derogatory word for a guy who is seen as a cowered or lesser in someway.)
I know that misogynistically these songs are not as bad as some others. I know this from simply walking into the gym and hearing bitch, whore, piece of ass and other terms being used to talk about women being sung through the speakers. So often in this genre of music (and other music too) women are only sexual objects to be desired and obtained. And, I don’t like the assumption that any girl the songwriter passes by will want to have intercourse (and I don’t mean dialogue) with them.
I don’t just say this as a feminist, I say it as a teenage girl. A girl who lives in a world with a heavy rape culture and where words and ideas like the ones I have discussed above aren’t just words and ideas, they are words and ideas that very well may spur some men into action. They are words and ideas that scare me for my, and other female’s, safety. They are words and ideas that should not be taken lightly.

On a happier note, I started my art class at the Glessel and I’m really enjoying it. We are currently working on self portraits and it is going better than I thought it would.

How is everything in your world going?

School started yesterday with English and Shakespeare. It feels so good to be back in it all. This first semester in English we will mostly be doing short stories and poems (which I am particularly looking forward to) and focusing on our writing. And speaking of writing I have been thinking that I need to start getting used to putting my wrighting out where others can see it and so in the future I may post one or two things that I have written for English. When I do this do not feel as if you have to read it if you do not want to.

In Shakespeare we are doing Hamlet and from the read through yesterday it seems like it will be a good production. I am happy but also slightly terrified to be playing Ophelia. It is going to be quite a stretch.

On a different topic you know how when you tell someone that you are homschooled and they say something along the lines of “I wish I could do that.” or, “I wish I could/ had done that for my kid.” and you think well you can. I had a moment like that the other day.  So,I have always thought that It would be fun to go to college/university in England and all of a sudden I realized that there is absolutly no reason why I can’t so I have now, in addition to american colleges I have started looking into colleges in the UK!  In the end I may (and probably will) end up going here but why not apply?

Oh, and I spoke up a lot more in class yesterday than I have in the past for which I am very proud.